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Erwin Knuyt

Erwin is a business professional with a wide experience in industry and consulting. He focuses on designing and implementing complex transformation projects. These projects include strategy formulation, project planning, transforming organization, understanding human behavior and benefit realization.

Erwin has a business background working in sales and marketing function in industries such as automotive, power transmission, electronics and food packaging. In 2002 he started at as business consultant an PricewaterhouseCoopers (later IBM Global business services). During this time Erwin has facilitated strategic planning sessions, and worked processes, organization and transformation in sales and marketing teams.

Erwin has a non-directive leadership style, the ability to bring people together and empower individuals and teams. Erwin is result driven in projects, and has an open bi-directional communication style.

Erwin is Adjunct Professor at the University of Leuven in the Master of Business Administration program since 2004, where he teaches the course ‘Marketing in a Network Economy’. Erwin is Adjunct Professor at the University of Antwerp since 2016, where he teaches the course ‘Business Marketing’.


Marjan Decat


Marjan is managing co-partner of FUSION Executive and managing partner of Wings 2 Spread. She ‘fusions’ her passion for people and transition within HR-Executive Search and Strategic Change & Leadership projects.


As a Commercial Engineer, Marjan took her first professional steps as a bank agency director.  By leading the team, she discovered her passion for helping people grow.


Afterwards, as a consultant, she had the opportunity to work for many companies in a variety of sectors where she guided teams and organizations through major re-organizations and cultural transitions. To Marjan, the human dimension, the interpersonal relations and the way you lead yourself and others, have always been key to make these transitions succeed.

After an intensive, worldwide renowned leadership coach training program in London (iPEC), she became the first certified Energy Leadership Coach in Belgium. 

She now loves to share her knowledge, energy, and passion to make transitions succeed and cultivate positive energy in the lives of people, teams and organizations.

Marjan published 2 books: 'Detox je leven' and 'Detoxing organisations' (2020).

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Geert Vercaeren


Geert is a senior business advisor with more than 20 years of experience in leading complex business transformation, organization development and HR transformation projects.

He took up different executive roles in leading consulting firms. During his past 10 years at Deloitte, he was leading client projects, developing business and realizing significant growth of the Belgian consulting practice focusing on Strategic Change, Organisation Transformation & Talent.

Geert holds an MA degree as Commercial Engineer, an Executive MA degree in Clinical Organizational Psychology from INSEAD and a Co-active® Coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute.

In his recent research at INSEAD, he explored the challenges of human dynamics of collaboration within and between organizations and how to maximize the success of initiatives to get rid of silo-working, silo mentality by integration a functional and psychological perspective in a hands-on approach.

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Guy Ooms


Guy is Managing partner/Strategic director of  Sigmund. He has a broad experience in supporting employees in the transition of their organisation.

Guy worked for mid sized companies and multinationals


Guy is change communicator, trainer, consultant, coach and public speaker.

Guy is an excellent leader of workshops for teams in transition. He energizes individuals and teams. His projects include the improvement of the sense-of-belonging, building and understanding the purpose of the organisation and mediation in conflicts.

    Guy has a background in internal and external communication and public relations. He believes that brands are built from the inside out.

    Guy published a book on internal communication: 'De interne keuken'.

      Guy is an active improv actor.

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